Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanks A Lot Guys....

So I got an invite to view Wendi's blog. I also used her link to view the blogs of everyone else from Virginia that we miss, and guess what? I wasn't really homesick or anything until I started seeing the pictures of everone and seeing all the new babies. Thanks A Lot guys!!!


  1. OMGosh!!! They have grown up so much! Last time I saw you, Eva was just starting to eat real food! They are gorgeous, you are a lucky mom! I'll send an invite to our blog too.

  2. Hey Mama, how's it going??? Gavin James Stidfole arrived 12/10/08 at 5:24 AM.

    Are you on facebook? A bunch of people from Church are, you should join!!! Miss you, EMAIL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. They are SO big!! Holy COW!!! It is so fun that you have a blog. I love the blogging world. We sure miss you guys. We just got news we are moving to Indianapolis in May! We are very excited for the new adventure! It is so fun to see what you all have been up to!